side effects of smoking and fertility drugs

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Mar 5, 2005
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Hey....I'm new here...and need some serious help. Does anyone know what the effects would be if you want to smoke occasionally and are currently undergoing injections of fertility drugs to increase egg production. I just don't wanna take any chances and mess up my eggs, ya know? Got a lot of money invested already.

Hope someone gets back to me ASAP. I would greatly appreciate it.

seen on discover channel the other nite, (i think it was discovery, may have been tlc or science, i was buzzed pretty good) that all of a womans eggs were produced while she was still in her mothers womb. and egg production happens then and are released one at a time each month. if that were true, then what do fertility drugs do? do they start up the manufacturing process again? hmmmm.....

never mine me, just smoked my breakfast :)
it will definatly mess with injections and probably decrese the eggs
BBQ Brisket increases sperm production ..

especially if one uses Head Country bbq sauce


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