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Jul 20, 2011
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This year I'm trying something new to me, normally I plant seeds straight into the ground but this year I want to put them into pots so I can lock them up at night, anyways I know I'm a month or 2 early planting but have read if you have plants in pots outside and under a frame covered in plastic you can get a early start we are getting warm days but cols nights 18 deg c during day down to 5/6 deg c at night I will post a pic of what I'm talking about.What I need to know is what is the best way to germinate seed's, there seems to be a 100 different ways what's peoples experience in germinating.
It is no different planting seeds in the ground and in pots--you can use the same technique as you always have if it has worked for you.

Are you talking about moving plants every day from outside to a secure place at night and then outside again in the morning? Why and how are you going to do this?
yes you can make a makeshift greenhouse..I make them every year..Helps me get a early start on plants...take care and be safe

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