Sorry if I'm a jerk sometimes...

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Feb 20, 2006
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hey all.... I don't mean to be a jerk sometimes. It feels weird writing this. Sometimes.. like today my car got impounded and I owe tons of bucks to get it back (i hate the city). If I was short or swore in the wrong places, maybe seemed jerky, it's my bad. I shouldn't post if I'm pissed.

I was thining today while on my bike.. imagine of we all got together..... I don't smoke much, but to compare notes in person would be amazing. Not the swamp though. When I was in the Everglades it was death. If one of you lives in that swamp, you're a better far stronger person than I'll ever be.
Hey dude, Welcome to the forum.
been following your posts. I like. Welcome aboard and look forward to your input. If you worried about looking like a jerk. We all have really bad days and some people rub us wrong. I didn't notice any flaming from you. We all type things that come out wrong from time to time. Hey its a stoner forum, we are all fucked up at some point and make an ass out of our selves. (I'll give you a couple of hundred posts that I have done.) hahahahaha. Welcome aboard and see you around.
No worries Eggman.

You can just do the best you can.

Hang in there.
yeah, i wont mind taking the atention off of you cause i already got e-pwned for my guns,lol

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