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Jan 23, 2011
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Im into my 3rd grow, and my girls are stalling . Im 5 weeks into the buding stage and the buds have stoped growing.The plant is in good health , a nice simi dark green with red vanes .my soil is in good shape . lighting is 11.5 on and 12.5 off ,my box temp is alway 78 degrees.Good air flow and no bugs.

This happened at the end of my last grow and I thought my soil gave out and I wasnt useing any fertliser the buds didnt finish out but it was some very very stoney smoke. Ive talk to all the growers I know and nobody can tell me anything . So I turn to all you good people for some HELP.
Well, first, I don't understand your lighting being at 11.5. I'd set it to 12-12 or 12.5 on, it's not until 13 on that you get issues with reveg.
Really need to know more. But I see you are growing in soil only? Nute level. Use fertiliser. Something around 10-20-10 or 15-30-15 at that stage of growth.
Make sure you have no light leaks. This can delay flowering.

What are you feeding them? Too much N (nice semi-dark leaves?) can also cause a slow down in flowering.

Tell us more about your ventilation set up? Hard to know exactly what "good air flow" actually nned to exchange the air in your space.

What size and type of light are you using in how large a space? Insufficient light and/or the wrong spectrum can cause this.

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