stem vodlka

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Jun 24, 2005
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my friend told me that if i put all the stems i have into vodlka and leave it in there for a long time all the THC comes out and 1 shot gets u fuckedddd. will it work? how long should i soak them? how much stem do i need?
stems contain very very small amounts of thc.
I agree with Hick.

Besides, sounds like a waste of good Vodka.
you can make tinctures out of trimmings, but you need a bunch of leaves and stuff from a female. and it needs to soak for a while. Google Marijuana Tinctures
its just that i have stem from like 5 years of collecting, i wieghed it and it was 12.5 grams, even with alittle thc in each stem, thats still alot
You really do not get a heck of a lot of oils from using decent bud. Five year old stem is going to yield very little.
Do it. The worst thing is you end up with funky tasting vodka.
You may just want to soak it for a few days and let the alcohol evaporate and end up with a bit of oil. Then chase it on a piece of aluminum foil.
If you do it make sure you turn those stems into a powder.

Good luck and have fun.

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