Long leggy/stretching sprouts....

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Apr 19, 2013
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Hi Group, Happy Spring/Happy Growing,

I have a bunch of new little Sprouts coming up but they are all long leggy and stretched out.
HOW can I SAFELY transplant them into mini-pots now, until I transplant them into large pots outside......in about three/four weeks, here in Maine?
I'm worried that IF I transplant them into mini pots now, AND BURY THE STEMS 3 - 4" INTO THE POTTING SOIL THEY WILL GET STEM ROT !
My plan is to place the tiny root ball into the potting soil, then using a 1" tube, placed delicately around each sprout, fill up this tube with 'No Damp Off' seed starting medium.
- Then I would fill the outer area of my mini pot with potting soil.
- Then I would pull up the tube, and repeat with all other LEGGY SPROUTS.
Would this technique WORK?
Will it PREVENT Stem Rot?

Thanks to all who reply!

Western Maine----Where Weed is 100% Legal and Grown with American Pride!
If from seed I use a 1 gal pot and fill it up a little over half way. Then I bury the plant deep enough that it is supported by the medium. I leave enough room so as the plant continues to grow I can fill in more medium around it until the plant's main stem is strong enough to support itself. I think you are making it more complicated than it needs to be. You don't need a tube. Besides how would you get it off without harming the plant?
dood, y ou're making it way more difficult that necessary...dirt wont rot the stem, bury it until it's strong enough to support itself...
If your seedlings are stretching, you may want to bring the light closer or turn them up. They are reaching for the light. When they get enough, they will quit stretching.

burying that extra stem won’t hurt them. Your plan sound good just leave enough space in the pot you plant them in to add more soil to the stem are if they stretch more
I fill the pots about half way then plant the seeds in and let them sprout after about 4 days I put the light 14 to 16 inches with a fan blowing on them. The dirt will settle. If the plants get a little leggy I add more soil to help support them. I'm planting outside so I use small enough container I can transport them. But big enough that about the time they are filling the pot with roots they are going in the ground. Where ever the stalk touches soil it will root. It's a baby you can't throw it on the ground but it's strong enough to transplant. I can move small plants and never get transplant shock. Practice makes perfect. Let them get to the three leaf stage around 10 days to 2 weeks and they have enough root. I water good the night before so I can dig a spoon full of soil and roots to transplant. If it starts leaning add soil for support and the fan and light will fix the leaning.

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