sup peeps

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How yall been?

Im just coming to grips with life giving me a back hand to the dome piece, but things are moving forward in my chaotic world, lol.

Always thinking about you guys!:D

PS, General organics in dirt is the business...:hubba: you really dont have to ph, I swear, its nice for a change, lol. havent used a meter in 4 months:holysheep:
Good you see your still around JB

life backhands us but we just gotta keep on living to the fullest.
Hope all calms down for you, have a few :bong2: :bong2: and relax!
whats up Jbonez.. glad to hear things are gettin better..
Hey JB:ciao: Nice to hear good news for ya and be careful with that cranium:bong:
:welcome: back! I love your avatar pic. GREAT album I saw them twice during that tour in Madison Wi and Denver Co.
Ah nice to see ya back JB.....hope you are well bro.
Come on Jbonez what have you discovered that will change the world of mj growing.
Only jesting with ya J.
Good to see ya back dude.
i hope all is well and hope you still have your genetics. you grow some killer strains.
my dudes and dudettes!

Life is starting to smooth out and settle down, for all the older more experience heads out there, who have seen far worse than me in life, I gotta say, I dont know how ya do it sometimes, my hats off to ya. Life experience is unexplainable at some points, hence my hiatus. we all have them, some more than others.

I hate maturing. I feel like a truly wise Englishman (yes, Im english, no I dont have a funny English accent), pretty aware, but its this "lack of life lived" that I cant get past and I ultimately know myself a little better than trying to cheat that mentality, simply put, I gotta suffer with the rest of ya, but Im gonna be high as hell along the way and this effing obsession with growing will be with me forever......
Welcome back JBonez! Stepping back and evaluating ones life is'nt always a bad thing. I remember reading your posts back when i was hiding in the shadows. You always had good solid info to share and we can always use another experienced grower here. Look forward to seeing your posts in the future.
Yeah, realizing our mortality is a real kick in the teeth some days.

Good to see ya.

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