Taking a leave of absence.

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Jan 4, 2010
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Hey all. Hope everyone's grows are green.

I just wanted to let you guys who know me know that I'm taking a leave of absence from the site. May be in the background sneaking around but wont be interacting much.

I'm packing up the grow again for summer. Wanted to get another grow in before it got too hot but few reasons to stop early again. I live in a 1st floor flat so my windows are just above street level. Always concerned when I'm out of the house, So will wait till my contract is up here and move somewhere higher.
Also met a lady that has been spending allot of time over here, and i dont like putting someone at risk with out them knowing it and its not a risk I'm willing to take.

Being on the site when I'm not growing drives me nuts plus I'm spending allot more time out the house and off the computer.

So just leaving this message so no one thinks I've been busted.

Take care all. Green Mojo to all.
You will be missed Jericho, come back when you can. Peace.
Be safe bro...I shut down the tents as well for Summer. No fun fighting the heat.

We will still be here when ya get back....
Seeya on your return, Jericho.

Have fun man.

When you said; "So will wait till my contract is up here and move somewhere higher", it cracked me up man. Can't you just get higher where you're already livin?
:bong1: :ccc: :smoke1: :bong: :joint: :p
Stay Safe bro stop in and holler at us when you having:joint: sometime
Hey Jericho, Im glad your still safe mate. I can understand your concerns and I cant wait til you can post some pics of your new grow op :aok: glad your still lurkin, MP will await your return :D
enjoy ur time off,:hubba: 1 lady for another! winter will be here b4 you know it.
So packing up is only for indoors...??? I thought marijuana was 'summer' plant(outdoors)??

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