Tell everyone the Scham that is Alabama's New Laws...Okay I will "Voice in my Head"

Fungus Amungus

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Aug 21, 2022
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Alabama Passed the Medical Weed Bill Last Year...but here's the Kicker. There are No dispensaries or Legalized Growers...NOTHING. To write a Script, a Doc has to go thru a Litany of Paperwork but first has to Pay $400 & go to an all day Class in Montgomery, AL, where I'm sure the Propaganda enters the Show! The Law doesn't apply to Mary Jane...only THC Pills from whom?,,,BIG PHARMA! It also makes Docs prescribe Opiates first (not kidding), Yep & we know that if the Doc writes Newbies a Script for saaaay...OxyContin 20 mg, they're gonna say Phuck Weed, gimme some more of these! Oh yeah the Arrest calls for a $6000 Fine (For the 1st time offenders) & up to a Year in Jail, for this so called Misdemeanor (HA! HA!) basically, it does nothing! Once again they walk down the State Capital Steps...Rub 'Ole Toby on his Nappy Head & ask "Did you get my weed Boy?"...Yes 'Sur Massa, Toby be a good (CENSORED). [email protected], even Mississippi has more lenient Laws, I believe they have decriminalized it!...and I Live only 30 miles away. Here, even if you've got a script, & get caught it's still a $6,000 Fine & up 1 Year in the Clink! That's Alabamer for you...Backwards and Proud of it!! Good 'ole Boys Network is still controlling Us!
I visualize a room full of Boss Hogs & Pappy's (from Oh Brother Where Art Though...Governer Kay Ivey marching in (wearing Boxer Shorts & Mel Brooks "The GOV" Coat w/Tails Jacket & With a big Stogie hanging out her mouth, and saying "Gentlemen we've got to Protect Our Phony Bologna Jobs!" Hurumph-Hurumph-Hurumph "Hey, I didn't get a Hurumph from that Guy" Hurumph-Hurumph "Watch your A$$"
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