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The Best Growroom I Have Ever Seen


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May 26, 2005
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Sorry, no pics.
I know a bit about growrooms. I've designed/built lots of 'em both personal and commercial.
The best one I ever saw was about 7 years ago. I went over with this guy who was a friend of the growers, a guy who was a cabinet maker and liked to tinker with electronics.
We walked into his garage and it looked like your average everyday garage.
But press a latch, and what looked like a wall, with hoses hung on it, was actually a door that opened up into a 4' x 6' growspace.
On a panel were numerous dials, gauges and lights.
There were meters, read-outs & switches for everything: room & res. temps, humidity, CO2, ventilation, pH, ppm, indicators for lights, pumps, intake and exhaust fans, wow.
AND if that weren't enough, in a cabinet next to the growroom was a blue bottle of oxygen (the kind people who have trouble breathing use). This was fed into the res. to super-oxygenate the water.
The plants were beautiful, stupendous even.
The grower asked if we wanted to try out some of his previous harvest.
Hells bells, does the pope **** in the woods?
Boy was I in for a disappoitment. The guy knew nothing about drying and curing. He just put the fresh harvested buds in a big metal can. They tasted awful--all moldy and ****.
We were able to set him straight at least.


Feb 3, 2006
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how could 1 go threw so many steps to make a room like that and not have a clue on dry and cure
Hope he invites u back to sample the good stuff

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