the champ is here

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hey i guess im the new guy, well im from a place called Merritton, thats in Ontario Canada. and well im a pothead:D i have a nice collection of bongs with my prize posession hookah that cost me over 200$, ive also rolled the famous quarter pound joint (well its known about in Merritton lol) but my pics are too big to post here so if u would like to check out some sick pics reply, email or add me to msn, [email protected]
Hello alec_delano_420 glad to have you here i sure would like to hear somemore about your giant hookah sounds interesting i bet you get a big buzz ha? Well anyways wecome you have come to the right place to learn and have fellowship. 8
Welcome to Marijuana Passion Bro! This forums got lots of great info and friendly, knowledgeable members. Enjoy!

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