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Strawpicanna in and out of focus... haha...
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Sensi Star x Grape Earth
I used to be a great and mighty competition coon hunter.
It’s quite the expensive hobby.
Tracking systems, ecollars, lights, dog food, entry fees.
Of course, all the money spent on that stuff does you no good if you don’t know how to train a dog.
And, like growing weed, everyone does things a little differently.
I learned during my stint as a mighty coon hunter, to pay attention to how everyone trains dogs, borrow from those that do things that make sense, and toss things that don’t.
I apply the same approach here.
I hate dry trimming, but I am getting ready to dry trim my next few plants, because you, Hash, have been so adamant about it, and I respect your end product, so I am giving it another go.
There have been some other tips from members I have tried, but the only one I have religiously stuck with so far has been pute’s 48 hours of dark.
I believe it makes a difference, and I challenge you to try it for yourself, and give me your opinion.
To me, the odor of the plant is definitely amplified after 48 hours of darkness.
"Beware of Darkness" George Harrison :rolleyes:
Life comes at you fast bro...that's why I never plan to do anything but ride the wave these days... I know better, because life is what happens when you make plans.😆

Looks like our daughter is making an early it's all hands on deck. Happy times. I try to soak it up while I can, because I know it goes so fast.

Cheers to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be back in a few weeks. 😆

Thankful for so much... hopefully you are too.
Welcome to the world, beautiful girl.🥰🥰 Healthy and happy Mama and baby.

I've done my part to stop the decline in birthing/population... 4 is my limit. Someone else's turn. 😁😂

Time for a well deserved rest for everyone, especially Mama. 👊
Had a baby congrats.....had a baby boy on the first number 4 also all done now though this one was a curveball but hey I want a big family I got it
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