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thanks Amigo , I really appreciate it

if you ever see any of my gear that you would like to try , please feel free to give me a holler , I am overstocked and times running out on me…

doing a little sorting on this group , much more in the fridge…😁🤓😁

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Whats up Big!! How was that Insane 91? I ran the Bx2’s and 3’s but never got to that one.
can I have some of what you are smoking?

yep , I found them , now I just have to find the Member here who was interested in them…

Loompa Wedding Cake IBL , where are you?
That was me and I got them! Now I just need the fuckers to sprout! lol! They have been soaking for 3 days. Time for the pliers and a lil hep!!
I know growers that do the same... there's a lot of ways to do it, I just don't see the benefit in robbing the plant of energy or nutrients (one of a few reasons why I don't flush either).

To each their own. I've seen many, manyyyy, manyyyyyyyyyyy of the "tricks" and "hacks" in my time growing on forums and such, and in my humble grow scrubb opinion... few live up to the hype of running a grow in 100% stable and controlled environmental conditions.

Is what it is. Somehow I manage to burn white ash without flushing. I'm sure someone is just waiting for the opportunity to beat that dead horse some more. 😆😆😆
Y’all better listen to Hash!! Feed to the end, whole plant hanging, dry trimming. I bet you don’t skip a feeding either!?! That guy might know a thing or two.
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You’re talking Greek to me friend I don’t do the ec thing
Yeah, don’t do that!! Next thing you’ll understand what you’re actually giving the plant, then you might switch to salts, OMG the blasphemy. Then you’ll really laugh at the people hollerin it needs calmag.
Well if you ever wanna try anything lemme know. 😁 I grow from my heart and stand behind my flowers. I learned most of what I do from an old hippie that's up on the times, a master grower, and my best friend. I'm lucky.

I do appreciate the fact that you're trying dry trimming,I really appreciate the love on my buds, too. Thank you.

I won't be trying 48 hours of darkness though. My 4 perpetual flowering areas are in different phases of bloom...but in the same space. Can't do it, Cap'n.

I would also ask....if the odor of the plant is amplified.... and we know cannabis stinks when stressed...and that the odor you're talking about would be terps volatilizing??
Same here! I dont do 48 hours darkness before harvest, it could be the middle of the day and her come Paul Bunyan. And I don’t do 24 hours darkness before a flip either. The only break in light is the time it takes me to reset the timer to flower at the times I want. All those tips and tricks and voodoo rituals and most the people doing that don't even have a healthy plant going into flower.
End result of either is the same...but to each their own 🤷

Just shut yo mouf!! Take it back!! You take that back!! You tell people a plant doesn’t give a **** if it’s from worm shit or a salt all they are concerned with is it an ion it can absorb through their roots, they gonna think you got the crazy eye!!
Welcome to the world, beautiful girl.🥰🥰 Healthy and happy Mama and baby.

I've done my part to stop the decline in birthing/population... 4 is my limit. Someone else's turn. 😁😂

Time for a well deserved rest for everyone, especially Mama. 👊
Congratulations!! Hope everyone is doing well!!
Y’all better listen to Hash!! Feed to the end, whole plant hanging, dry trimming. I bet you don’t skip a feeding either!?! That guy might know a thing or two.
You are correct. . . They get fed daily.
It would appear that you know your way around a grow room as well, lol.

Real recognize real, as they say. 👊
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