The New CFL`s - explained!

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Mar 27, 2005
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FYI - I have been out shopping and window-shopping online. I have seen cfl`s advertized out the wazoo - red ones, blue ones, cool white, warm white - but I never saw a SOFT white online (the stores here have them).

So I went looking and I found out the soft white is the same as the warm white. And the warm white is the same as a hps ( not nearly as strong).

So..if you have MH lights, you can hang a soft white cfl or two and maybe increase your yield - it would be worth the $10 - $20 to find out, I think...:)
cool!!! I have a bunch of CPF here at the house. SAM's sometimes has them in bulk!
Cool white for vegging, warm or soft white for flowering. Too cool, huh?
u can get the Spiral 105 watt screw in style CFL at I like the 6500K for additional Veg lighting and the 3200k - 3700k for additional side lighting for flower.

The color temp expressed in degrees Kalvin gives u a more accurate idea of what kind of light u will get. The 6500 k light is the color of black iron plate heated up to 6500 degrees Kalvin so it is very like noon sun in July where 3700 k is like a redder spectrum like an October afternoon.

Home depot sells them by the case for a descent price.
This might be a dumb quesyion but here we go anyway can i use asoft white cfl and a 150 watt cfl on my seedlings? thanks for the help.
Exactly what type (compact? high output? spectrum? watts?) fluorescent lights can I use to start seeds grow seedlings indoors until I put outdoors this spring? I am not planning on flowering indoors and would prefer to avoid
metal halide/high pressure sodium lights.
Thank you.

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