This stoners worst nightmare

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I have been an active smoker for about two years now. The problem i have is due to the fact that i hade to move in with my parents. I am a student at a local university and my parents decided to move to the big city and well, this brings me to my problem. My parents are very old school meaning that they will disown me if they know that i am a stoner. I think that they are already suspecting something. What should I do? Moving out is not an option, and i am certianly not about to give up smoking. And I just want to make sure from you guys, weed stays in your blood for about 3 months right?
well your ethier going to pick weed or your parents respect your desion
If you`re living with your parents, you need to respect them. Smoke outdoors - smoke while you`re out with friends - smoke at night, when they go to bed - work it any way you can to keep peace in the house. Remember, unless you are paying rent (and not always) your parents stand to lose a lot more than you do...
hes right about them loseing there house and shit you pick
The key here is: BE RESPONSIBLE
Talk to them about it, and tell them how you fell. Ask them if they'd prefer if you kept it out of their site. They'll respect you more for it than if they were to 'catch you' smoking it outside.
don't U have any friends that could help U split on n apartment,, or since U r in college , isn't there any city help for U to live in a apartment, here where I live when I was going to VA 5 days a week for 3 years. they backed me on a apartment , water n n electric. U should look into see n if ur town or city has something like that or ,, look into the borads on campus to see if there a place to split.
depends on how much U want ur privacy n smoke,, the way I see it
just a suggestion

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LOL--I just had to laugh. This thread is over 8 years old. I am thinking that this poster has grown up and moved away from his parents home.

(Just joshin with you lovbn--1 old stoner giving another old stoner a bad time)
may I say ( smoken ) hahahahahhaahha just didn't see the date... hope things went well for him

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this could be him...;)

moral to the story> don't be a tool, stay in school...:cool:

this has been another public service may now continue on with your illegal activities...(disregard colorado n washington):)


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