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Mar 20, 2011
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Hey Everyone,

I am back into gardening- yay! It's my first one in many years so I am trying to remember what I knew and learn new valuable information all the time. 1 week ago, I started my plants flowering. I was 5 for 5 on the germination, but only 3 for 5 on females. That still isn't bad, and 3 plants is plenty for the space I'm using. I will break down the specs:

2'x2'x5' closet space lined with mylar on three sides and the reflective side of polyshield foam insulation on the 4th wall.

Genetics are bagseed beans from a couple of great bags.

Medium is organic mix in 1 gallon containers with rocks in the bottom and holes to ensure proper drainage.

Nutrients during first few weeks came only from planting mix and what the seeds already had in them. 3 weeks in they showed deficiencies (Mg or N, couldn't really tell), so I started using Fox Farm Grow Big (fixed 'em right up). I also foliar fed some epson salt spray and actually saw some leaves repair themselves, it was cool. For flowering I am using Canna Terra Flores (donated from local hydro store- thanx!) and a little Fox Farm Open Sesame. I will probably add some Beastie Bloomz after 3 weeks or so.

Lighting is supplied by Sun Systems 150 watt HPS, on chains so I can continually adjust it. 24 hr for Veg and 12/12 as of 4/1/11.

I currently have a box fan in the closet supplying air movement, but I will get a smaller fan to have inside during the nights of flowering, since I seem to have an excessive moisture buildup in there.

CO2 is enriched through a simple baking soda and vinegar reaction in a bowl I set behind the fan. That way the CO2 blows throughout the leaves and circulates really well. The amount delivered isn't measured or scientific by any means, but it's pretty hard to give them too much, and I think it helps to have extra available.

I had just been watering and soaking up the overflow by hand until recently. I poked holes in the containers holding the pots, so they drain out one side into a receptacle. Nothing fancy, but it beats soaking up the extra water with a sponge and wring it out over and over (and over and over) like I was doing.

I thought about watering and feeding options because automation is a nice way to help someone else care for my plants if I'm unavailable, and plants like steady streams of water and nutes too (of course, with the requisite drying times in between). I realized that I already owned a device designed to deliver a specific amount of liquid nutrients in a controlled stream. You see, I have had chronic pancreatitis for over 5 years and I am on a feeding tube from time to time. Luckily I am not in need of it right now, due in part to marijuana's appetite stimulating effects. So, I am very proud to announce that I have converted it to feed my lovely ladies. I love the irony of having my insurance company buy me an expensive hydroponic system for me to grow my own medicine. Don't worry, I didn't actually do anything to it. I mix up nutrients, poor them in the feeding bag, set the delivery speed, stick the end of the tube in the pot and bingo- that's it. No actual modification was necessary.

Well, now we just wait and watch. Not knowing what type of plants I have could mean a height problem in my small closet. The leaves looked liked indica to me at first, but now I'm not so sure. I will post pictures soon, sorry they aren't available yet. Thanks for reading about my garden, and I hope to hear from you all if you have any feedback.

Later Everybody,

:D:postpicsworthless::D can we see the goods bro? Watch for hermies with bag seed dude! Usually where they come from: especially if they were out of some dank! Those seeds either happen on purpose(in which case, you'd have never seen them) or they're a result of a stressed female that went hermie and self-pollinated! Notice any "nanners" in the buds the seed came from!?
I am using a sun system 150w also, and my grow box is 2'x2'x4'. nice to know someone has a similar set up :aok: cant wait for some pics
A couple of thoughts here, instead of trying to add CO2 you should properly ventilate your space, an exhast fan pulling fresh air in, and another blowing on your plants. They will get plenty of Co2 that way, I used to do a sugar-water ferment but was told it was a waste of time and money. The only way to get any benifit from CO2 it to seal your space, use tanks and regulators, and add light and heat, not a low budget op.
Nova is right on about the homemade CO2 thing--it is really a waste of time, money and energy. If you had a meter that read CO2 levels, you could prove this for yourself. Get an exhaust fan and start exchanging the air in your space. This will give you far more CO2 for your plants than any homemade thing you can do.

And as Gix mentioned, keep a close eye out for hermies. However, the fact that you got a couple of males is a good sign that these may not have self pollinated.

You are a little underlit.
Thanks for the quick replies everybody!

Yeah, I'm aware that bagseed beans can often result from hermies, so I have been on the lookout, very carefully. Another possible source is a short, inferior male that wasn't noticed because he blended in with the females too much. That could result in inferior genes, too. But I'm optimistic. I guess it is a good sign that the other plants were showing traits of only one sex. Thanks for pointing that out.

When I run the fan, I leave the door open a bit. There is significant draw into the closet and out the small vent above the light. Budget is an issue and I cannot afford an exhaust fan, filter, and dryer hose to make a proper system, but this adequately exchanges the air, doesn't it? I put the CO2 behind the fan, so the fresh air pulls across the bowl, thru the fan and up the plants (the leaves are all swaying with the fresh air/CO2). The baking soda and vinegar are generic and cost me $2.17, so I haven't lost much there. Sometimes I will set up a bowl in the closet when I close it, just to get extra CO2 in there, since there is no air intake at that time. It sounds like I don't need the CO2, but am I getting enough air exchange with this set-up do you think?

I will get pics on here today! I almost guarantee it...

Thanks, TicTac
Here are a few pics. I will post more later on but, shhh, the ladies are still asleep...

Bagseed Flowering Day 3.JPG

Bagseed Flowering Day 4.JPG

My Garden.JPG

Sun Systems 150 HPS.JPG
Here are a few more pics of the ladies and my set-up. You can see my feeding pump turned into hydro unit here. Also included are some more pics of the closet as a whole, then a nice view of a bunch of bud sites. One plant has over a dozen! It's awesome.



Feeding Pump.JPG

Dripper Nozzle.JPG


Bud Sites.JPG
Nice looking plants you have there!

Might I add a few suggestions...

You should water your plants until soaked, let them dry out between waterings and soak again. Adding water right along like that will rob the roots of oxygen and cause root rot as well as hamper growth/kill the plant! The plants also look a bit stretched, how close are you getting the light?

Good luck, will pull up a chair and watch if you don't mind!
Hey Roddy,

I usually water until the pots drain and then wait until they are dry in between, just like you suggested. I have Chronic Pancreatitis, though, and sometimes I cannot do any gardening for days at a time. This way, my wife can push the button and get water and nutrients to my ladies until I'm up for it again. It isn't my primary method, but it was fun setting it up and showing it to my wife (she thinks I'm kind of silly with my hobby, but she sure will enjoy the fruits of my labor). I also cannot always move my light around, so sometimes it has been a bit too close; other times I moved it up to give myself a few days of growth and it may have been a bit too far (promoting a little stretch). Guidlines I have read for my 150w HPS are 12"-24" but I try to keep it around 12". What do you think? Thanks for your input, and you are definitely invited to pull up a chair and enjoy the show.

Hey Nova,

Thanks for the compliment. I checked out your link and was especially interested in the computer fan. You apparently don't have to have it in a hose to be effective. Does it control heat and odor? I found 4" inline fans from Home Depot for $15, which will probably have to be wired. Yours may be a more affordable option.

Thanks again,

Sorry to hear of the ailments, my friend, keep up the awesome job!

The 150HPS can be a touch closer, but you're close!! If it isn't burning to the hand, you are golden!!
Mine was 35 bucks from a grow shop, its on an outside wall using a dryer vent, it sucks the odor out nicely with the door closed and even with 6 65w CFLs it never gets over 85 in there. Cheap fans dont last long or are noisy or dont move enough air. I bought a dryer vent booster and it didnt work.
Hey Everybody,

Here are a few pics from my closet. I took some advice and leveled out the canopy for even light distribution, and it os working well. Tjese are closer-in pics of budsites, which are really starting to fill in with hairs. Enjoy, and again I welcome any feedback.

Later and Happy Growing,



15 Day Old Beauty.JPG

15 Days Flowering.JPG

15 Days Flowering (2).JPG
They look good.I hope they help ease the pain and keep you healthy. Good Luck with your health and your garden.
They are looking great mate! mojo to keep it coming :aok: are you using any nutes?
Hey everybody, thanks for keeping up with my garden, it is coming along nicely. Thanks for the well-wishes, I appreciate it.

As far as nutes go, I have my ladies in an organic mix so I don't need many, but I do supplement nutes sometimes. I was seeing deficiencies at week 3, and fixed it with FF Grow Big. I use Canna Terra Flores, and FF Open Sesame (both sparingly). In about a week I am considering switching to Beastie Bloomz. It is still high in P for those blooms, but there is zero N which will help keep that particular nute low and easily flushed at the end of flowering.
I am only working with 150w right now. I hope to add another 150w soon, but I am not sure about $$$. The tops of the ladies are looking great, but the middles and bottoms are sadly lacking light (not much penetration thru the canopy).

Should I (in your wise and humble opinions):

1. Let 'em grow and take the sad, little buds with the big'uns.

2. Trim (or prune, or whatever the term) the bottom branches, leaves, and buds, that are tiny and not worth much, leaving pretty much a skeleton under the canopy (similar to many Scrog-type set-ups).

3. Selectively remove lower and middle branches and whatnot to try to get light down there.

4. Some Star Trek thingy I have never heard of.

I can't really add any lights on the sides due to lack of room. I do have a fan blowing up the middle of the plants to inhibit mold and increase transipration, especially in the darker middle area.

Well everyone, I look forward to your suggestions and hope you have a great day.

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