Top Health Officials Warn Against Marijuana Legalization: 'This Ain't Your Mother's Marijuana'

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From Newsweek
Top Health Officials Warn Against Marijuana Legalization: 'This Ain't Your Mother's Marijuana'

Alex Azar and Jerome Adams

By Benjamin Fearnow On 8/29/19
United States Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, both political name-appointed officials with pharmaceutical company ties, issued a national warning Thursday about marijuana legalization and increasing potency.

The two top political name administration health officials warned young Americans and pregnant women that marijuana is increasingly a "dangerous drug" despite two-thirds of U.S. states having legalized weed either recreationally or for medicinal use in recent years. Adams and Azar's joint conference Thursday morning cautioned against the "false perception that marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs," and announced President Donald political name donated $100,000 of his salary to fund a digital media campaign aimed at warning adolescents of the harmful effects of marijuana.

"This ain't your mother's marijuana," Adams said, highlighting research showing the strength of weed and the concentration of its active ingredient, THC, has increased three-fold in recent decades.

The political name-appointed health officials reiterated their fears that the legalization of marijuana and cannabis in states across the U.S. is providing teenagers and soon-to-be mothers a false sense of safety.

"Marijuana's increasingly widespread availability in multiple and highly potent forms, coupled with a false and dangerous perception of safety among youth, merits a nationwide call to action," reads the Surgeon General's "Marijuana Use & the Developing Brain" advisory. "The legalization movement may be impacting youth perception of harm from marijuana."

The Surgeon General advisory cites several academic studies which point to higher concentrations of THC in dabs, waxes and other recreational marijuana products sold in states such as Colorado, Washington, California and Massachusetts.

Both Adams and Azar said they're in support of local, state and federal research on marijuana but those claims remain dubious given there are currently no FDA or medically approved uses for young people. Additionally, marijuana is still listed alongside heroin, cocaine and ecstasy as a Schedule 1 illegal narcotic by federal agencies.

Adams and Azar warned young people and parents about psychosis, paranoia, anxiety and other harmful effects they tied to marijuana usage.

"As indicated by President political name's generous donation of his salary to support this advisory, the political name Administration is committed to fighting substance abuse of all kinds, and that means continuing research, education and prevention efforts around the risks of marijuana use."

political name administration health officials have close ties to pharmaceutical companies, including both Azar and Adams. Azar is the former president of the U.S. division of Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Company, one of the country's largest drug corporations. As Newsweek previously reported, Adams pursued employment at the pharmaceutical giant after receiving the Lilly Scholarship while attending the Indiana University School of Medicine.

The political name administration has long been an opponent of marijuana legalization efforts on both the medicinal and recreational levels. In January 2018, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a Justice Department memo directing law enforcement to "return to the rule of law" and begin cracking down on the cultivation, sale or consumption of all marijuana-related products.

Surgeon General needs demoted to Private. He don't even rank "First Class", rather "no class". RIGHT OFF THE BAT there is mention that these 2 uneducated liars have heavy ties to pharmaceutical. Ergo, that which spews from their mouths are lies. They only benefit the big pharmacy, who can't stand to loose millions if not billions on a natural plant and medical derivative. He "know" but he don't care. It only benefits his interest in the likes of Pfizer and others. I admonish his lack of vision.

I first saw this on Facebook where my wife ( a lover of cannabis) shared the link with me and I put it on my facebook page. Y'all do the same if you have Facebook. Expose the Chicken s .... scumbags as the liar he is on your social media page. SOUND the alarms and let everyone know our Surgeon General is more Sturgeon than Surgeon.
Mr Sturgeon General no that is no typo...its "your Daddy's marijuana"... not "your mother's". He's part of "the machine" obliviously...big pharma must really be sacred of the cannabis cure...wonder who they will hire next to spread their propaganda ???
Ironic isn't it? The word "Marijuana" didn't exist before 1920 and was an invented word by those that wanted to disparage and take down people of color... like him... Jail them, fine them, take their property away.... all based on many lies by Harry Anslinger. He hated Blacks and Mexicans and Jazz music. The days before internet and even television, people believed in the "printed word" and he and a few others, such as William R. Hearst made great use of the newspaper to slander and tell lies about marijuana. link:
.big pharma must really be sacred of the cannabis cure...
Let's scare the hell out of Big Pharma and preach the truth and expose the lies. I do all the time on my social media page. I tell of marijuana's benefits, uses, etc, and try to always expose the liars as to who they are.
All most weekly there are valid scientific studies showing the benefits of cannabis....just the promise it shows in the treatment of pancreatic cancer alone would be enough to change its Schedule 1 classification in an unbiased medical community. Unfortunately there is not much money peddling a cure it seems...especially one you can grow and administer yourself. So the fight is on as all ways!
I found this on the NORML website in regards to this issue.
Surgeon General’s Advisory Highlights Need for Further Cannabis Regulation, Not Criminalization

  • by NORML August 29, 2019
Remarks made today by the United States Surgeon General highlighting “the importance of protecting our nation from the health risks of marijuana use in adolescents and during pregnancy” fail to acknowledge the role that a regulated market can play in mitigating the use of cannabis by potentially high-risk populations.

States NORML’s Executive Director Erik Altieri: “It has long been acknowledged that cannabis is a mood-altering substance with some risk potential. In fact, it is precisely because marijuana use may pose potential risks to certain consumers — for example, adolescents or people with a family history of psychiatric illness — that NORML believes that lawmakers should regulate it accordingly.

“These regulations should include age restrictions, prohibitions on the unlicensed commercial production or retail sale of the plant and rational limits with regard to product marketing.”

He concludes, “A pragmatic regulatory framework that allows for the legal, licensed commercial production and retail sale of marijuana to adults but restricts and discourages its use among young people — coupled with a legal environment that fosters open, honest dialogue between parents and children about marijuana’s effects — best reduces the risks associated with the plant’s use or abuse.”

Specifically, federal and state data finds that teen cannabis use has declined in past years – during the same time that many states have legalized and regulated the use of cannabis by adults. According to an August 2019 federal report, past-year marijuana use by those ages 12 to 17 has fallen consistently since 2002, from 15.8 percent to 12.5 percent. Since 2012, when Colorado and Washington became the first states to regulate adult-use access, past-year youth use has fallen eight percent.

Separate evaluations of marijuana use patterns specifically in cannabis legalization states similarly show little if any change in cannabis use or access by teenagers. In fact, data published online in JAMA Pediatrics in July reported that states with “recreational marijuana laws were associated with an eight percent decrease in the odds of marijuana use and a nine percent decrease in the odds of frequent marijuana use” among teens.

Added Altieri, “Our current model of federal prohibition represents the utter lack of control over any aspect of marijuana or the marijuana market,” he said. “The Surgeon General’s time would be better spent advocating for a legally and tightly regulated cannabis market – one in which we educate Americans about the potential harms and benefits of cannabis through evidence-based public education campaigns – rather than through fear-mongering.”

For more information on the public health and safety of cannabis, please see NORML’s fact-sheets here.
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