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Jan 17, 2006
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My little guys(hopefully gals, not sexed yet) are currently at their third node and well on their way to the fourth. I am wondering whether to top them at the third or fourth? Is one better than the other? Also when making the cut, say it is going to be done at thrid node, should i make the cut right above the third or right below the fourth? I mean should there be an stem existing after the cut, or do I want it were there is no stem beyond the third node?

Thanks guys.. Ill get some pics on here if it will help, let me know.

When topping, make the cut at a 90-degree angle (straight across) with a clean razor blade mid-way between nodes.
You should wait until the plant has at least 4 nodes.
But more importantly, why are you topping? This shocks the plant and temp. retards growth.
I am growing in a small space and want to have dense growth. I have also heard that topping can increase yeild? Is it better not to top them? I was aware that it stunts growth, but more growing shoots are produced and wont that in turn make more flowers? Thanks for the help on this stuff.. it is truly priceless.
Generally speaking, more branches through topping means more, but smaller buds.
Same yield by weight, same amt. of smoke.

I'm partial to big buds myself.

Also topping saps a plants' energy reserves as it repairs itself. That means that indoors, 2 plants, same age, 1 topped 1 untopped, with flowering induced at the same time, the untopped plant will finish first and the smoke will be more potent.
Not by a lot, but some.

The above is true for indor plants. Outside, with months and months of veg, it's less critical.
You had me at big buds.. I think I'll leave those little guys alone.. haha
I am using an aeroponic system and the rate of growth is amazing.. this is my first grow so I really have no comparison but, at a week and a half they are already 8 or so inches tall and healthy as can be. I am so excited about this! haha.. thanks again

hey, whats up Bagels. what kind of aeroponic machine? what kinds of lights do you use ? ty.
its a homemade setup.. big container.. not sure exact.. at least 10 gallons.. mesh pots with clay pellets and cocofiber sit in holes cut into the lid of the container and hold the plants. The water level is almost at the top of the mesh pots. Air pumps into the resevoir. using 2 flouros amounting to 400 watts over head with a couple 40 watts on sides for added light. this is going to be a one time deal so didn't feel like springing for the hps. everything is going swimmingly as of yet. Fingers are crossed for females.


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