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i was talking to my boss's friend today who has grown weed before. He told me how to trim my plants to make it bud more, but we were smoking so much i forget. :eek: I don't wanna ask him again cause last time i did he seem weird so does anyone know how and can tell me. Thanks alot.

BTW, On my last post i showed pics of my 2 plants, tomorrow there will be 1 week 12-12. I know for sure that one is a female, the other i'm not sure so i put it in a different room so she is keep is the best of health. :D i'll show more pics soon.

Also can you cut clones at flowering? Can you put the plant back on vegg after you find out the sex?
Never trim leaves off a pot plant.
They are there for a reason.
They store nutrients and power the plant.
Trimming leaves will NOT make the plant produce more buds.
If a leaf is blocking a budsite from the light, you can use twist-tie's, pipe cleaners or paper clips to re-arrange them.
During flowering, after the plant uses up the stored nutrients in the leaves, they will wither, die and fall off.
ok cool. Do you know about cutting clones during the flowering state? and putting the plant back on to vegg after a week or so of flowering to find the sex?
you can take clones up to two weeks into flower. they will take longer to root and will have to revert back to vegg stage. it will work, i've done it before. :)

i wouldnt try to revegg the mother, i think it would only stunt her growth trying to go back to vegg. once into flower, they like to stay there.
When you change from veg to flowering (to determine sex) then back to veg you stress the **** out of the plant.
MUCH better, imo, is to take clones from the plant while it is in veg (carefully writing down what clone came from which donor plant), then sex the clones.
Put the plants into flowering and then 2 weeks later after the males have indicated sex and been removed take clones.
Clones can be taken at any time during flowering, but the further along in the budding process it occurs the less chance of success (and increased time) it takes.

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