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Mar 4, 2006
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i just picked up my 250w ballast from ups and the ceramic socket is broken, is it possible to superglue or fix this in anyway?
You'll need to post a pic. and also, they should replace the socket for you if it was damaged in shipping. free of charge.
if your talking bout the white tile texture on the reflector part where the socket is,you may ,not need it ,if the, metal socket, isnt damaged,mines had a big chunk ,chiped out of it,but mutts right ,you can send it back,but ,i would only do it if necesary ,becuase, you dont want ups ,getting suspicouse ,its not illegal ,to have a light ,but i just dont take any chances.i dont want anybody monitoring the rest of my orders.do you have a pic
sorry i dont have a pic, they are sending me another, i just needed one for now because my plants have already broken through, thanks
i just got my new socket, is it ok if i use a 250w mh when they first come up or should i use the fluro?
i myself would use the florescents at first.
no ,it wont. just dont let the temp get past 92 and you should be okay,prefered 80-85
I would even shoot as low as 70-75 degs for your air temp with warm soil(heating pad on lowest setting) after germinating the seeds and make sure that mh is pretty far away at first because the heat will be pretty high. Young plants also thrive well in high humidity enviroments because this aids the plant in water absorbsion through the leaves. Don't use any nutes for at least the first 2 weeks, maybe three(I wait till three to make sure), and try not to over water them. Thats how most people kill there first plants, overwatering or over nuting. Those will take your plant out faster than a little too much heat.
thanks guys. i have everything up and running smoothly now. the temperature sometimes peaks around 90F but ive managed to keep it around 80-85 for the most part, with humidity around 40-50% ( a little low, but i'm going to see if a humidifier will help--ive heard from a few people they arent good for the plants, and from others that they are fine...we'll see) i hope to get a digital camera pretty soon, if i do i'll post the pics. thanks again
my ballast is warm not hot ,depends on what ballast you got
Get the hum. up a little deffinately. It will help the plant in the early goings, then you can lower after a few weeks. Lower temps wouldn't hurt either, but you gotta do the best you can.

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