Vt. House gives final approval to marijuana dispensaries

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Jun 21, 2007
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The Vermont House has given final approval to a bill to allow setting up four nonprofit marijuana dispensaries around the state to provide the drug to people using it to relieve symptoms of serious illness.

The 99-44 vote on Thursday came despite a letter from U.S. Attorney Tristram Coffin that said even if Vermont allows the dispensaries, those operating them could still be subject to criminal prosecution and property forfeiture under federal law.

The Senate already passed a version of the bill, and is expected to concur with the minor changes made by the House. Gov. Peter Shumlin supports the measure.

Supporters say it's about compassion for sick people who need the drug. Opponents say the measure will put the state in violation of federal law.

Then maybe it's about time the fed law changed....jerks!

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