Wanna start growin but have some questions

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Jun 1, 2006
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well obviously since i dont grow it myself right now i buy off the streets so i was wondering if i took a couple seeds from the stuff im sold and planted it would that be good are those guarenteed to be female seeds ? I am planing to do the shelf growing since its the cheapest most convenient way. How many seeds should i put in one pot also it says in the sticky that all you need is a regular flourescent light and some tin foil is this right or did i misread? Also how many times a day am i supposed to water? Thanks.
No guarantees on females from bagseed, you could get all males and one female or just the opposite. One seed/plant per pot unless you want to try to pull them apart later or get a male stuck next to a female. Flourescents and some tin foil will get you going but don't expect the world from them.
Only water when needed, it's a common problem people have, water them when they are getting dry.
so how do i know if it is a female seed will it not grow if its a male seed? how do i know if everything is going good? also i have a ac will that work as ventilation or do i still need the fans?
as the "gods" say...read those grow guides! If you're going to risk the attention of "leo", you might as well make your grow worth it. To quote my "favorite" god...Go big or go home ;)

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