What are yalls top 5 favorite strains of marijuana??

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Kindbuds Bro

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May 26, 2006
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All right a little fun hear what aer yalls top 5 favorite strains??

Hear are mine!
#1- White Widow or Skunk
#2- AK 47
#3- That Blue barry Yum yum
#4- Ice
#5- Bagseeds
(I know yall are all like what BAGSEEDS but I like the excitement
of planting a plant that you dont even know what it is and it turning
out to be something great!)
I havent grown many strains yet, but as far as smoking I would say:
1.Purple Erkle
2.Silver Afghani
3.OG Kush
4 Trainwreck x Romulan
Ok Bro hears mine
#1-White widow or any white strain! (No Doubt!)
#3-AK 47
#4-Haze or Skunk
#5- Just like you bagseed

#1 North Cali Orange
#2 Pear Haze
#3 Skunk
#4 Blu Berry
#5 Idk wat it was, but it made me think i was on a boat :D
Dam on a boat a wild ride a BET!!!
If you figure out what it was let me
no I love being on boats lol Peace

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