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Ok I Am Going To have to take a drug test in about 5 days, What i was wondering is am i gonna pass it? I Have only smoked 3 times this month and was only like 3 joints in total, the last time i smoked was about 7 days ago. So what do u think? let me know
No, and I speak from experience.
You need to get a 'cleaning agent'. You know....one of those drinks to flush your system. They work like a charm. I smoked EVERYDAY, up until the night before, then drank one, and passed everytime for 18 months straight.
get to my post on this shit you'll pass i sware
I dunno - I know many guys who took everything they could get their hands on, & still failed the drug tests...
you will pass with surgel IF you follow the directions
Cool - he can take it & let us know...
I have heard that they do - and that they don`t. If I ever found out about one that always worked, I`d be a rich woman - it would take about 30 minutes! ;)
if you're not a regular smokers it can stay up to 21 days in your blood.

thats cool as f*$@ I'v only seen one other girl on here and she asked abot fertility drug or sumthing but anyway thats awsome you know your shit in all
Thank you! Although I know some ladies who could put me right in the dust when it comes to growing and such... :eek:
I'v yet to meet one my girlfriend is learning the ropes and she dosent even smoke just drink.......................like a fish
Mmm...one of these days I will bring some more ladies in here.
Man....if I could only get my wife to post..........

But she's already mad at how much I post!!! lmao
I know a few females who grow CRAZY amounts of weed. They're good at it, it's that 'mother's intuition' shit........They take care of their 'girls'.

In all seriousness................
I find, in general, females grow better weed than men. Me and my friends all grow the EXACT same way, and the females always get better stuff.
Thats why the women always tended the kitchen garden, while the men tended the crop. Women are more nurturing...
YO , all i know is taht Im in love with marijuana and i sell it , smoke it, grow it and ne thing else involved with it. it is my one true passion. o yeah and for gettin the THC out of your system, go 2 a pill or vitamin store and get something called Detox , 20$ a bottle or 20$ for 2 pills or some shit :]

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