what is alternating nodes??

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i believe its when the plant starts growing leaves on the left then on the right of the stem (where the new sets of leaves start, thats the node), as opposed to two new sets of leaves at the node on the stem like when its young and still growing..if i'm wrong, i'm sure the "pros" here will correct me..but i'm pretty sure thats what it means..(i googled it..cuz i was curious too)..

and to quote Hick, Stoney B., Brother Grunt, Mutt and the rest of the soon to write their own book on the cultivation of cannibis because they can do it with there eyes closed....."read, read..and read some more"..
bongzilla420 said:
wut do you guys mean by alternating nodes??
Actually, you've found one of many accepted terms used in growing weed that isn't precisly correct.

*Alternating* when used as it is in this case means that the branching of side growth is one brance per/node. Not two or more.

A more accurate method of explanation would be to say single branch nodes versus multiple branch nodes.

When a plant is a young seedling, each set of leaves is directly oppisite of each other. Like the arms of a cross.

When a plant has gained it's maturity, the branches start *alternating* with only one branch on each node. Then as the plant gets taller, another branch will appear on the other side.

I hope this cleared it up for you.

Good luck on all your grows.
do alternating nodes happen on the main stem or the secondary growth? I see my secondary growth aren't all lined up but they are still coming out in pairs on the main stem
the more nodes the better.theose will all be bud sites
yeah, but does the main stem alternate as well. I have never had a plant make it to alternating nodes.
yeah, the main stem will eventually get them.. with mine.. i had alt-modes on secondary growth about a week before alt-nodes on the main stem.. im sure its strain dependant on when and if it happens... but i know it does on some plants.
its when the nodes are no longer parallel but one on one side of stem then like an inch or so higher another one comes in on opposite side

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