what mix to use now?

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Apr 12, 2011
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This season ive got myself lots of tomatoes, blueberry bushes, blackberry bushes and cucumbers. However my main area of concentration is the weed.
Would using the same mixes for tomatoes and blueberries work? what could you suggest?

What I have:
dried seaweed leaves
earth juice (grow, bloom, catalyst)
Plant prod flowering 15-30-15 (blue dissolving crystal)
bone meal (already applied)

In the earlier stages i had fed them solely with the earth juice. then i lost my bottles lmao.
Recently I have been using purely a very dilute mix of the plant prod for foilage spray and the recommended mix for the soil. The reason the other stuff wasnt used was because I couldnt find it, now I have. What would be the best way to use this stuff?

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