what strain is this?!

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May 27, 2005
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This has been flowering for 2 months after the other's were done.......this thing is still growing and flowering with no end in sight.....what kinda plant is this?


looks like sick dirt weed or that shit that grow wild in like alabama (feril hemp )
thats not budding, it is revegging. New shoots from the past calyxs are new vegatative growth. Too many hours of light and/or too much nitrogen.
looks like shit thats what kind eww thats the ugliest plant ive seen in awhile
This plant had brown leaves on it due to salt build-up,after I flushed it,it began this crazy growth.I started it with the rest of my plants(very good sensi!!),i noticed that when they were done this one was still flowering but looked like it wasn't going anywhere.So I left it just for the hell of it on 12/12 cycles,and here it is 2 1/2 months later after the rest finished,stinks like hell,full of pistils but still growing!.....what the hell is this? and how can I get it to mature faster?...it's all ready been flowering for 4 months.



Thats Weed! Looks like that plant you can buy at the store that looks like weed. I can't remember the name of it. Either way this is one sick looking plant.
doesn't look really healty to smoke that shit, are u sure you wanna smoke that?

i know the strain, its "shwag". what have you been watering it with bleach?
Man I want to get in on this shit talking. Too bad i can't think of anything as clever as akademiks. But here it goes, maybe the best thing you can do with that garbage plant is turn it into a sweater.
I could grow better weed outta my ass. With all the cookies and brownies I eat it'd probably be a better smoke too..
There is only one thing to do with that plant.


cut er down and turn it into composte.
Nah I wouldnt wanna put that crap back into the earth lol, that plant should be incinerated.
yeah, I know what you're talking about. Me and a buddy just found a pot plant HIS MOM had been growing in her herb garden next to plants that look a ton like pot, but weren't. It was only aout half the size and well camo-ed and gets tons of light so we gave her props and she owned up to it and promised us some of the crop.
I grew better shit in 8th grade in the woods with cow shit and bag seeds. Seriously, kill that plant before that shit seeds up and ends up spreading around.lol
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