White Russian

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  • is she looking healthy

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Feb 4, 2006
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as promised here is some pics of my WHITE RUSSIAN, i have not tasted her yet, she is 5 weeks into flower, she is under 400W hps 12/12 in soil, i have the four pot hydro system for my next attempt, when will i know when to harvest

white widow flowering.jpg
wow that looks GRRRRRREAT!!! you can get a microscope from radio shack to check your trichomes. this will tell you when to harvest.
cheers Brothers grunt, still trying to upload some more but it keep saying the file is to large any ideas
Nice buds man.

For harvesting, get your self a jewelers loupe. I got a 20X for three bucks at a flea market.

and Like B. Grunt said they have a microscope for 10 bucks at radio shack.

zouse1234 said:
cheers Brothers grunt, still trying to upload some more but it keep saying the file is to large any ideas
whats up zouse1234. go to the bud pic section at the top of the page there is a link to make your pics smaller. if you have any other problems trying to upload pics let me know. :)
youre gonna atleast have another 3 full weeks . but if you do decide to sample her just remember it will take more energy away from making more potent to rebuild itself . try to have patients my friend .
:eek: Wow she's looking like an Olympic Athelete, very crystalized and very nice. Makes me drool.
radio shack also sells a microscope with 100x maginfacation, for about 10 dollars. it's the best way to see the resin glands.
zouse1234, i don't know what type of camera you have but some newer cameras have the option to change the resolution. choose the smallest setting which should be VGA. VGA is 800\600, which is small enough to post.
Holly ******* dog shit! You da master! You got the glow yet? (It's from the movie The Last Dragon)
cheers all who replied i waited and waited and god was it worth it **** the missus had to scrape me off the ceiling wow and to think i have three jars just maturing away will keep ya all informed thanks for the help
Is that one plant and if so, how did you get all those tops? I have "starts" going, when??? How???
ye one plant i use 400w HPS on 12/12 feed her once a week with coco bloom them magicgrow the next time then just clean old water that has lay for a day or two, that system works for me, my new one thats about to go into flower is three times the size of this one, shes beautiful, will post some pics later thanks again oh i never top mine and only ever prune if really really really needed which to date has been never
One beautiful looking plant, i just got through a White Rhino grow and it was 72 days before she was ready for the ax.I've just recently started smoking it and it kicks.You have a very large green thumb!!Can't wait to watch her mature the rest of the way!Great looking show man.
That is one plant? O-o How are you able to use the force in such a way...what is your bidding my master?

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