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Aaaaaaand on to the fourth grow! Using 1 Silver Haze seedling, 3 White Widow, and 6 White Widow clones from same 3 original WW plants, moving forward. Dropped a net on current 3 WW plants in week 2 of veg. this morning. Moving this fourth grow to a new post. Will return here with link to that new shit show!

Closing this thread and moving on to grow #4 starring White Widow. The 2x4 tent began with 3 plants but removed one plant that wasn't looking good for this stage of growth. Pictured below is remaining two White Widow (Dutch Passion) plants and the next generation of little ones is WW and Super Silver Haze. These plants will be moved to new topic 'Bob Has Burgers grow #4 - White Widow.
Thank You for your input and guidance!


Next generation in veg includes (2) White Widow and (1) Super Silver Haze

Nothing like your own grown flower!!!!

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