Will it crack?

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May 3, 2008
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Alright so i got a budda blue cheese seed been in a cup of water for four days (i know all you guys just soak for like a day and plant but i always wait for mine to crack) Normally by like the second day its cracked if its goin too i dont think it lookin good :( and that was an 11 dollar seed dang Im gonna let it soak for a while still but im just wonderin how long do yall guys wait for ya just give up on it?
maybe try and scuff the tip a bit to allow h2o in...Ive had some strains that had to be scuffed real good to get germ...hope this helps

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
good deal i thought about tryin that what do you use to sccuff it with
I read somewhere that if yu take a stick match box and remove the matches and break an emery board(nail file) in two and place both pieces in the box with a few seeds and shake them vigorously for a minute or two that it will scuff them just right...never tried it myself though
well i scuffed it a smidge on some sandpaper and now its soaking again so well see
I have never had luck throwing a seed in a cup of water. But I am 100% with wetting a paper towel, wringing it out, folding it in half, put the seed on the paper towel, fold it again, put that in a zip lock bag. I wrap that in a towel, and put it on my cable box. It gives the seed the 3 things it wants to germinate, heat, dark, and moisture. I check them every 24 hours, and usually it is popped in 24 hrs, but if not, I have never had it go past 48 hrs, and I have not yet had a seed not pop with that method.

Not saying its perfect, just a really effective germinating process. Maybe give it a shot OP. Can't hurt at this point. Good Luck.

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