Winter Wonderland--or--Frozen Wasteland?

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May 25, 2005
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Winter has come early damn it to my neck of The Triangle.
Yesterday's forcast for to-day was rain and low temps of 30F, so it didn't come as a complete surprize.
But I was expecting a light dusting instead of the 4" and still coming down with a vengence that we're getting.
Not just snow either, there's sleet to make it worse (at least I think it's sleet).
When I moved up here in '00, snow was just something to visit, not live in. So I've had to learn to adapt.
Growing up in SoCal I guess spoiled me. Some L.A. winters you don't even notice. Temps drop down to the upper 50's brrr.
I mean I've gone to the beach on Thankgiving weekends before.

So it means months and months of cold temps, fireplace going 24/7.

The worse part--
it's not even winter yet.

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