worms in my stalks ?

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Jan 31, 2010
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Can anybody help me. I have 2 plants that are getting tiny little worms burling into my stalks. they are a greenish brown color. I put seven on the plants but it hasn't stopped them. Does anybody know what I can use. these plants are outside. I lent my camera to a friend so I can't get pics.
Oh the plant is doing find still growing and green as can be. If the worms keep up I know it will kill the plant. There will be nothing left of the stalk and it will just fall over.
Where are they on the plant? If they are soft bodied I would always go with insecticidal soap. I sure wouldn' t have started out with seven before i knew what it was. Do you want to smoke something that has been sprayed with seven?
try some diatomaceous earth, and i'd guess thats what would be proper for an organic grow. i use sevin on my od plants...works everytime...
:confused2: I use sevin all my life the rain washes it off every time, but it kills off the bugs . I spread a 10 ft circle of seven around all OD plots.
I use Seven also....no problems here, just make sure it's all washed off b4 harvest.

I had some maggot looking critters in my stalk bases, last year also...they cause a lump on the stalk...then the plant dies.

I'm not sure what they are, or how to kill em ?

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