WW and White Rhino at 5 weeks

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White Widow and White Rhino at 5 weeks and first day to start flowering.Two of the WW are tied down to take out about 10 inches of height to be the same height as the other 3 plants .Hope some of these turn out to be girls.
Looking good slowhand. im sending you good vibes hoping they are female. Btw now that the plants are starting to stink... how is the septic/exhaust system working out. I set mine up to look almost exactly like yours and seems to be doing fine. just wondering.:)
Hi Frosty. It's still working great not a smell .I tore down my other grow set up and built a new one over the holidys.The old one was 4x4x4 the new one is a side by side 3x4x6 ,one for veg and one for flowering.On veg side i have a 400watt hortilux blue mh and on the flower side a 430 hps.Dual intakes and dual exhaust, just like a hotrod (haha).
Haha, sounds good Slowhand. Won't be long before your harvesting some top quality MJ ;)
I was able to sex the plants today with the aid of a 10x jewelers loupe.2 out of the 3 White Widows are females and 1 out of 2 White Rhinos was a female.So i can't complain all in all things worked out pretty good.I killed both males and there clones today.I have 4 clones of each female so i should be a happy camper in a couple of months.I'll keep 1 WW and 1 WR clone for mother plants and flower out the other 6.
nice pics slowhand if it were me i wouldve kept a male to cross breed wwxwr. have you smoked wr before? that is supposed to be a top seller behing ww.
No Skunk i haven't smoked WR so thats why i thought i'd give it a try and grow some.I' didn't think of crossing at this time but maybe try it in a future grow.Thanks for bringing it to my attention,sounds like it would be a good cross.
i havent smoked either before yet . ww is supposed to be the strongest marijuana in the world and the wr is next in line in one of the coffee shops as best sellers . so that picked up on my curiousity? gl too you and show me more pictures later on .

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