WW and WR 24 days or flowering

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Here is a current picture of the White Widow this morning and in the grow room with its sisters,sorry about the light but i didn't catch it before it turned on.
Beautiful dude!!! You've definatly got the green thumb! ;)
Damn, bet you it is Stinky in there. Hell yeah. MMMM I can smell it now. My nose is against the monitor imagining. 2 thumbs up dude.
good job slowhand . whats that blue thing in the 1st pic.
wuz up Slowhand. what are you using for lights? nutes? soil? ladies look GRRRReat!!
Hello Skunk and Brothers Grunt! Thanks for the moral support.That blue thing Skunk is a velcro strip that i tie rope to and use it around the stem for tieing the top down as i train the plant.Brothers as far as lights i use a 400 hortilux blue for veg and a 430 watt hotilux for flowering.I use foxfarm ocean and marine soil mix.Then in a 5 gal bucket i fill it a third with spagma moss and compost then i fill the bucket to half full with perlite and then fill the bucket up with Foxfarm.Then to that i add 4 teaspoons of blood meal then 3 teas. of bone meal 14 teaspoons of oxy/cal and 3 tablespoons of Super tea mix .For nuterients i use fox farm big bloom ,tiger bloom,green fuse growth and bloom ,liquid kharma and diamond nectar and budswell and foxfarm peace of mind guano.I use small quantities .Quite a list.lol
Awesome set up man. Couldn't have done it better myself
(Seriously, I'm jealous)

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