Yellowing leaves

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Thanks everyone for the help. I got my cal-mag in and did my first dose today. I got one of those meters you plug in the soil that tests ph, moisture, and light. It reports a ph around 7 +/-. I'm working on lowering it a little.
What size pot?

So I finished drying last Friday. I only got 1.4 oz BUT I was still very happy. At times I didn’t know my plant was going to survive at all. Being able to harvest on my first plant was great. I’ve been curing it in a small 1.9l mason jar. The humidity is a little low at 56% but I have two of those 62% packets in there. Not sure why they’re not getting it up there. I started with one but was only at 54% so I added a second.
The smell is quite interesting. It’s very strong lemony citrusy. I’m excited to get to try it out in a little over a week. Thank you all for your help through this adventure.
Hey guys, final update on this thread. My super Lemon Haze cured for two weeks and we tried it on Friday to see if it was ready. Wow. The flavor was amazing, unlike anything I'd had before. And the high was powerful. My lil plant Sally may not have produced a ton, but what she did produce was potent and very tasty. I cured it pretty much on point too I think. The bud is dry but when I tear it apart it's a little soft and spongy, but not overly so. I couldn't be happier with my first grow experience. Thank you all so much for the help. I'm actually anxiously waiting RETURNING from my vacation because that's when I get to start growing again.

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