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Oct 4, 2005
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I was wondering if anyone knew how much a plant will yield with Northern Lights x Big Bud seeds. I am using the SOG method in my closet and was wondering what i could expect from 15-20 plants.

Also has anyone ever tried this strain? What are your thoughts on it?
Final yield is dependant on many factors.

Strain is only one of them.
Also affecting yield is amt. of light per sq/ft of what type, nutrients, water pH, ventilation plus lots of others.

There's no way anyone could give you even a ballpark fig.
Best case scenario (rare for a rookie) I'd say if you induce flowering @ 15" tall, 1.5--2 oz per plant.

The best (and cheapest) way to obtain max. yield is to read grow books and peruse sites like right here.

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