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    Lizzo chilling

    The things I learn here.
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    Beginner First GDP Grow

    I wouldn't worry, some yellowing is normal looks good
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    Striving to learn and make my own style.

    I would stick to a style that's tried and true.
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    Whats goung on with these??

    gaia green 4-4-4 nutrients don't contain any micro nutrients I would switch to a good 3 part nute. I run my PH @ 5,8 - 6.1 in soilless mixes.
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    To clone or not to clone, that is the question

    Nothing wrong with uneven nodes. Those clones just needed more intense light so the spacing would have been tighter. Just top like Pute said and give them more light and it will get bushy
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    White Widow

    This would explain your Bubba Kush and 14 week threads. All the pictures you have posted need more light.
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    Blueberry slushy 1month

    does look tasty
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    White Widow

    Looks like the light your using is junk
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    Clones advice

    Best advice to give is don't over water them. Keep moist not saturated Keep root zone @ 78-80f I would open it up and reduce that 99% humidity some after a couple days
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    Scrog anyone?

    SCROG uses the screen SOG does not.
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    I need more jars!

    I got mine here, both half and full gallon - Gallon & Half Gallon Wide Mouth Jars | Specialty Bottle
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    Anyone here I still know?

    Hey you old Mutt
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    Premature yellowing of leaves?

    Sick plant never produce as good of a high as healthy ones would have. I believe your yellowing was from not watering until there is some run off, just topping it off will eventually make the soil toxic from build up of nutes not used by the plant. Allowing run off sort of flushes the pot.
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    Lightning Question

    600 actual watts? Have link to the light?