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    I tested PH of some run off from my plants

    We use rockwool all the time, run at 5-8, we stay at that ph all the time, they say that if you follow this rule its fairley accurate. 1 ppm goes up, ph goes down, less nutes 2 ppm goes down, ph goes up more nutes 3 ppm stable, ph up good thing, so watch your plants and use that as a guide...
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    baking soda ph up

    from my experience do not use baking soda unless you just have too. Had to use for two weeks, the very ends of the leaves turned light brown, couldn't get to where I could use ph up, so only choice. The plants finally got the right ph up and now the plants are very well, but when the light is on...
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    water, baking soda and the proper ppm

    plain water is 140 to 150 ppm, then add the soda and it takes it up another 100 ppm, bye again
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    water, baking soda and the proper ppm

    I have adjusted the water without nutes then added the nutes, then adjusted it all mixed at the same time no diff, the reason we have no ph up is that in six years never needed it, can't get off the island now its -33, when I do go in I'll surely get some ph up have lots ph down. The plants look...
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    water, baking soda and the proper ppm

    any one using baking soda to bring your water up to the proper ph? When you prepare your water for feeding we check to see what ppm are in the water that has had the soda added, ours is coming out 250 to 290 ppm with out any nutes, then we add flora product to the usual amount of nutes we...
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    digital ph meter/pen

    We have the same ppm pen from milwaukee, when you calibrate it use a 1000 calibration fluid and bring it to a hundred on the meter, then test your water with it to see how much ppm is in your water then add your nutrient to get the desired amount of nute that you want, just remember to subtract...
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    think you have figured out, then !!!

    I have seen auto flower, how about auto male. The plants are orange cali, 5 weeks into veg, and one plant has these little balls, is this possible? Now should I do some logging and make the big,. chop? Only five plants for medicene, one gone. I haven't even gone to 12 hours yet! One thing about...
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    A List Of Seedbanks To Buy From Or Not To Buy From With Ratings

    I always go to seed boutique, good place to shop!!!jr
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    can never know enough

    go to the mp web site and the videos are right there!:rolleyes:
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    How to alter the % of females

    getting tired of having to kill male plants, very small operation, more or less two old folks medicine, out of 6 plants 3 went bally, chopped them down, second grow Plants only a month old and there is one with two little sacks, must chop...Meanwhile we think femine seeds, any input on who has...
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    can never know enough

    thanks to high times for the very informative video...Good stuff:hubba:
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    General Hydroponics Feeding chart

    one sativa plant 9 oz, with flora green and bloom, indicas the highest wieght so far 3.5 oz, this includes the use of kool bloom at last three weeks. Seeds from gypsy nirvana, ice and blue mystic...First plant the sativa was a thai cross and northern lights.
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    too much darkness?

    just the opposite for us, 3 weeks into veg the power went out for 4 hours while the lights were on for there 18 hours, hope it doesn't hurt our girls and make them boys when they make the transition.still have 3 weeks before they go to 12 hours. jr
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    General Hydroponics Feeding chart

    I agree the chart does seem to high for us too, use less and watch your plants leaves, we only raise the nutes once a week or every ten days. we use half of what it says to use.
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    recommendations on hydro media/nutes ???

    the reciepe that I gave you is all that you need, but go to GH site, the only additive I would consider would be the vegan tea.[keeps it organic]