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    First Time Grower

    looking nice!
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    leftys hydroponic grow room (Building a hydro ebb and flow system)

    mmm.... i guess he forgot... Hey! Dude i want to see your setup!
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    Ebb and Flow help

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    Ebb and Flow help

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    Ebb and Flow help

    Where can i buy lava rocks???
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    Im Back!!!!

    IM so happy i moved with my new roommate 4 college and he has an hydro system so maybe i will try hydro soon!!! so just posted to say hi!!!! see ya!!:D
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    Ebb and Flow help

    hey im from PR and i cant get anything that has to be with hydro... i to have a ebb and flow system my friend got but im missing those grow rocks and those net pots i cant find them anywhere around here cant i buy them in any other store???(home depot,walmart,kmart,etc.)
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    grand daddy purple

    hey! maybe pics... will help... it could be an other purple strain with a diferent name.... they do it were i come from...
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    she looks young!

    i think it is ,cuz i had a friend around the block show me his and they look alike... but who knows???lol
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    The Brother's Grunt multi strain grow

    hahahaha like usual TBG i havent seen the forum 4 a while but ill still love you crop!!!!!! nice work!! Some green mojo on the side 4 ya!
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    **** Yea, My First Grow!

    nice man very nice!!!!!
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    Evelon grow journal (Panama Red and Super)

    Good Idea!!! so you can keep the strain alive!!!! Who knows maybe some breader will buy it off you?????
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    My current grow (pukka skunk fem'd)

    NIce!!!! ill keep an eye on this thread!!!
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    BW's Purple Power-grow

    What ever happened here?????
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    Is This Price OK????

    Give up that link!!!!! lol