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    first time.. grow setup

    Sorry buddy missed the dates there. Just trying to help ;)
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    first time.. grow setup

    Actually the space you're using looks perfect.
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    first time.. grow setup

    Go for the HID lighting mate, you won't regret it. Providing you find the right space to grow in ;)
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    600w with 400w

    Thanks that helps a lot. Just to clarify, this includes the IEC cable which connects to the ballast?
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    600w with 400w

    Hi all quick question...Can I use a 600w ballast and bulb with my 400w reflector? Its the 'euro reflector' fyi. Thanks in advance:vap-leafy_wave:
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    new buzzing sound?....

    thanks bro`s, I`ve ordered a 600w set-up as its now day 44 from seed and these autos have very little to show in respect of calyx production...vegging like crazy though, makes me wonder how well the auto trait has stuck with this strain. DRFever, what am I looking for exactly? The buzzing has...
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    Update: Threw out my old bag seed

    Sounds like you`ve a great harvest coming man, love the enthusiasm, at your age lol. true sensi, can`t beat it bro:)
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    The pick above looks like over-watering whilst the pic at the beginning has slight nutrient burn. Go lighter on the nutes and allow the soil to dry out some before watering again. Apart from that they look great bro, you`re doing well.
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    WWxNB Male Cali Orange Female ''Beans I Made''

    Always, to me...:) great sig btw ;)
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    Lower Leaves drying up ??

    Spider Mites bro IMO. I saw that yellow speckle and it gave me chills, Neem her every three days until the third week flower. 4ml/Ltr water. Don't allow your soil to dry out. Keep inspecting for movement, webbing etc. Good Luck! Transplant!:)
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    leafs look burned and gray

    Phosphorous deficient by the looks of things.
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    spider mite problem

    Lower the temps and it`ll slow em down as far as reproduction goes, spray with 4ml/ltr water of pressed Neem oil. Dry, hot conditions are the S/mites dream. you can use it up until around week three of flower with no adverse taste in the buds. Pay attention to the underside of leaves but make...
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    Whats wrong?

    I think Potassium deficiency...Had the same problem with my master Kush strain, looked just like that bro. In my case (K) was being locked out. Good luck, to your friend...:)
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    Hard Water to blame?

    Potassium and Boron can get locked out with too much Calcium. How have they responded so far, and to what? I live in a hard water area, lime is the buffer I use to keep ph in check. Green Mojo comin at ya bro
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    Nutrient Induced Deficiency Chart

    I've found this useful...Apologies for the duplicates:)