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    Am I breaking the cell phone rules

    Older phones don't have it. Mine doesn't. Call the store you got it from and check into it.
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    yes and yes :aok:
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    When they become sexually mature they will show you. Here are alternating nodes. They will show you these in veg. Then you can flower.
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    There are a couple thing that you want to happen 1: You want to have alternating nodes and 2: show sex. My 1st ones showed at 4 weeks. They'll show. Give them time. Search around and there are lots of photos on what to look for and where and keep your eyes peeled. A plant will only flower...
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    Thomas 11111 first grow AK-48 revised.

    That's what I figured Hamster. That 1st grow for me was a rough one. I was on edge everytime I saw a nick on the leave. I did everything wrong:doh:Now I have learned that I was the one making it seem so hard. I'm not stressin over it anymore. I have happy roots and good nutes. Time to kick...
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    Thomas 11111 first grow AK-48 revised.

    Hey rosie! Good to see ya :banana:
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    Thomas 11111 first grow AK-48 revised.

    He y man! How are ya? I have 3 Ak-48's that I have been squeezing their main stem till it's mush since they have been just a few days old. It never seemed to slow them down at all. Now at 3 weeks old you would need pliers to crush it. I read alot about how to do this and that and are trying a...
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    Thomas 11111 first grow AK-48 revised.

    I started one lowryder chronic ryder feminized seed today. I have my hid tied up flowering right now so it is on 12/12. So I figured this is what I will do. My HPS is on from 530 am to 530 pm. So through that time of day I will put it in with the stronger light. When that is off I am going...
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    I got busted last night yall

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune brother.:mad:
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    Which Growbox should i go with.

    Live links are a no no. Just edit your post and change the http to hxxp and everyone will know what to do.
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    Rosebud does Mandala seeds.

    Beautiful job Rosie :aok: That trainwreck cola is a sight to behold :yay:
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    Soaking seeds.

    Thanks everyone! I soaked it over night and just put it in it's new home. I used my normal medium which I added some vermiculite, mexican bat guano and worm castings. It's an auto so I started it right out in a 4 gallon pot. Cross your fingers! green mojo to all! :48:
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    Soaking seeds.

    thread hijacker! just jokin. i have all the answers I need. you go ahead and take over.
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    "Popcorn" or "Corn" Weed

    I just figured I would see what all this hype about smokin popcorn was so I put a piece in my bong and when I lit it,it turned black and smelled terrible.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: