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Nov 12, 2023
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hi all. i have a new seedling that looks like the healthiest beast i ever saw. cannot stop it growing.
my year end quest is to grow the shit outta this thing. it looks well structured for lst.
should i go full manifold?


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c'mon guys, you've seen a seedling before. this aint any different. i just want to hear an approach to fast or productive growing i can try to learn a bit more. this plant seems forgiving as any i will ever tend.
i have no idea what you mean by this.
This is the first time you have ever grown this strain, and the only experience you have with the strain is the one seedling you have right now?
It’s hard to give advice on what to do with it, if you have no idea what the structure is going to be 30 days from now.
I myself, have never used a net or anything, pretty much just super crop, top, and LST, but I never really know what I am going to do until the plant tells me what it wants.
ok, now i get you. "grown the plant out" was not ideal wording for a forum.
2nd time growing this strain.
flower, if you top, supercrop and also lst, you are basically a 50 shades of grey sadist,
so tell me what's the next step.
Lol, a picture of the previously grown plant will help everyone give you advice on what you need to do.

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