12/12 or 12/24?

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May 30, 2005
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one of my friends has been growin jack flash for a while and he lights his plants for 12 hours and turns them off for 24 hours his plants have way more red hairs then all the jack flash ive ever seen maybe its the strain or maybe its because of the lighting? i dono but is it a good idea cause it seems to work for him alright later
I seriously doubt if your friend's cycle is helping.
Light is the engine that powers photosyntheses.
Marijuana makes a hormone that triggers flowering. When the when the days are long this hormone is prevented from building up enough to flower.
As the nights get longer, indicating approaching fall, the hormone builds up until there is enough to induce flowering.
So the part the dark cycle plays is to induce and maintain flowering, very important for an annual plant like pot. It only needs 11-12 hr's per 24 to do this.
So I don't think extended darl periods would have any effect on the potency.

P.S. Red hairs is not an indication of potency.
from what ive noticed extended dark periods quicken your ripening time, but it reduces your yield, potentcy doesnt change.

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