1st grow need advice on fertz

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Oct 6, 2005
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This is my first grow, everything seems to be going fine but I'm all confused about the nutes?? I bought a few bottles of different Shultz, which ones should be used in what stages???? please clarify

Also can someone please tell me how I tell when its time to flower 12/12 under HPS light? If someone could clarify the different stages and how long it lasts?

Sorry for the questions but I'm learning day by day

Check out the newbies grow guide and read, read, read! Thats the best way to answer all your questions, and that way you'll learn it yourself instead of having us tell you a whole bunch of different things, but Ill give ya a couple tips ;)

As for ferts:

During the vegatative stage (when lights are on 24/0) you want a fert with a high 1st number like 20-10-10.

During the flowering stage (when lights are 12/12) the plant should be a minimum 18 inches tall. Most flowering stages take 6-8 weeks to complete. Some people say 12 inches is fine, but personally I flower plants usually at 4 or 5 feet tall so I wouldnt flower a plant shorter than 18 inches. During the flowering stage you want a fert with a high middle/last number like 10-30-20. This is just an example my preferred flowering fert is Jon's Yield Booster which is a 0-50-30.

When buying ferts, dont cheap out and settle for generic plant food, you would be surprised how easy it is to find a hyrdoponics shop in most places. If you have to even order ferts over the net if you want to try a bunch of different things (and spend some extra money) Here is a good website of a good hydroponics store you can have a look at to get an idea what you might want www.jonsplantfactory.com

Good luck!

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