27th day of flowering....

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Jan 23, 2006
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<SPAN style="COLOR: black">I’m using crappy miracle grow soil and some super bloom plant food for an mj plant out of bag seed. 10-51-10. I was using flors up until a week ago (12,000 lumen count total). Now I got my 250watt hps on her. It's been on this plant for a week and still the bud development is pretty small. The biggest ones are the size of my thumb nail and just as fat. My plant must be a sativa because she’s in her 4th of flowering and still growing taller (had to bend my top to the side to avoid it hitting my bulb...it's already at 4ft even maybe a few inches higher.).The biggest fan leaves are just half the size of my palm. Plus, on top of it everything else, "she" is really an it. Each day I groom the male balls off. I plucked them vigorously until they were all gone upon discovery early on in flowering. Now they pop up seldom, and when they do they are destroyed with joy.
Ventilation is good. My closet is 6ft long with two sliding doors that slide open at either end. A fan hung from the middle of the closet blows the heat from my hps bulb and circulates air around the plant. This fan draws air from the lower left opening of the closet and exhaust it out the top right side of it. The temperature is in the low 60's when she’s sleeping and high 70's when it’s awake. She is started flowering in a 4-5 gal pot (not to sure the right size). Grow bigger buds! (Many white hairs though :))
whats up sicnarf. so you have a hermie? do you have any light leaks in your grow space? light leaks can cause your plants to hermie.

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