2nd go at bubble hash.

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Dec 14, 2008
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heres my 2nd attempt at bubble hash.


This was done using subcools method with one minor change. I have five gallon buckets and I didnt want a ton of ice in the bag so I used a keg tub and put the whole working bucket in an ice bath.
My buddy uses the large 50 gallon ones and he only uses the last two bags none of the other ones he says he doesnt get hardly anything off the other ones so its a waste of his time I guess.... He just made a 3/4 pound slab last time
with big bags big results are possible. i've always used 5 gallon bags but just recently got a 20 gallon 220 bag. i also went out and got myslef some screen printing screens from a t-shirt making place. they are made in any micron you could want. i got a 90 and 25. cant wait to see what the future holds with these.
nice work sir!! how much product did you use to get a nice return like that? and have you smoked any yet is it as potent as it looks?

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