Does any one have any tips for making bubble hash?

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Jun 28, 2023
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I've always just used the old plant material to make more dirt, but I've decided to try making a bit of bubble hash.
I know the basic idea, but I'm not willing to go buy a machine or some fancy filter bags.... I'm thinking cheese cloth, in a 5 gallon bucket has anyone got an opinion or better alternative?
Get the bags. Cheesecloth Will just be a mess. Or, do keif ...Stick it all in a 5 gallon bucket, add 5 lbs dry ice which most all grocery stores have. Buy a single bag, 190 or 220.

Let weed and ice sit five minutes or so and shake it real good with the bag over the opening, shack it upside down over a large mirror or similar surface. Do about 3 goes, watch for the sift to turn from tan to green.

The screen mesh in bubble bags is "silk screen" even though its nylon not silk.
payload bubble bags have stood the test of time

If I make bubble hash, can I decarb it for cooking stuff that doesn't use oil or butter?
The screen mesh in bubble bags is "silk screen" even though its nylon not silk.
Exactly. It's just for applying stuff to t shirts, "silk screening" in this context has not a thing to do with actual silk. It is available in varying size of holes, typical bubble bags 220, 190, 160, 120, 90, 70, 45 and 25. It can vary from plant to plant, but I usually get my best bubble on the 70 and 90. 220 removes trash, 190 and 160 usually too.

But get the bags! Cheese cloth will not work. If you read up on how bubble bags work, you will understand why cheese cloth will not work. If proper mesh, silk screen material might, but get the bags for bubble. They are the heart of the process.
fair enough, this is why i ask haha thanks bubba!
On the second page of the hash section there’s a thread Ghetto Hash 101 (couldn’t figure out how to get it to link) that does a decent job with stuff from around the house. It was a fun little project and the hash was clean and tasty.

Ok! I have to steal some buckets from my dads restaurant but my fancy bags came today…. I do have one question, does any one know why they’d send me a cheese grater? ( the kit contained glass stash containers the bags and mats, some parchment paper and a like Parmesan cheese sized, handled cheese grater, and I’m so damn confused)
Keep in mind , don't short change the time that you stir the mix, it will greatly reduce quantity, it says stir gently for 20 mins, I do 30, a lot of stirring

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