Making Bubble Hash (my way)

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Some batches are different. Once I have piles on mesh like pute does, Like him, mine sets out to dry. If it is the right consistency, I slice into slices, like cutting biscotti from a mound of dough.

I let those slices dry more, then hopefully it is quite pliable and can be kneaded into a ball.

Other material will remain a bit waxy, and doesn't want to roll into a smooth ball. I will leave it in chucks, or dice it up like keif.

I prefer the stuff that will roll into a ball. Those need to further cure before they burn hash like.
Otherwise, small hash bowl with small ball of weed at bottom, hash on top. At first it will try to melt or bubble, weed ball keeps it there until it begins to burn. The smoke off this hash smell SO GOOD, the taste alone is intoxicating.

When it balls correctly, it just like dark Afghani hash in appearance, taste and power.

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Ahhhhhh Mr Wizard ;)


WOW, I purrferr Bubble Hash

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