3rd season 1st grow journal

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Mar 22, 2009
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hellooo fellow stonerss,

grow season has finally came back around so i have another chance at success (1st 2 season failed miserably.... beginners mistakes).. unfortunatly i reside in new england with a short grow season and unforgiving storms. This time around i have 6 bagseed plants around 3 weeks old. 3 are in jiffy pots still and 3 are in 3 gallon pots. i have then planted in Fox Farms Ocean Forest potting soil, as recommended by many. and recently bought a bottle of fox farms tiger bloom for flowering. i bring my plants inside every night when the sun goes down and put them out 1st thing in the morning until the weather reaches aeound 70 degrees. is there any suggestions or constuctive critisism?? my plants look pretty short to me for 3 weeks old.. about 4 inches tall with 3 tiers of leaves (about 12 leaves per plant) my buddy has offered to let me use some Neptunes harvest for veg. Should i use it? and when should i apply.. i will try to post pics but i think i need to post a certain amount of times
If your plants cant get at least 12-14 hrs of light outside they need to be under lights inside too so they can veg. 70F isnt that hot, you could keep them outside til 78 if you wanted. Nope you can post pics any time. just ask if you need help :aok:
the wether has been getting better and better by the day. and i was trying to say i bring them inside at night until the weather in consistantly around 70 degrees. the sun comes up around 6 and goes down around 7 so theyre getting 12-13 hrs of light on a good day. how can i take pics from my email and put them up here??
save the pics from your email to your desktop. then at the bottom left of your grow journal it says "post reply" click on it and it takes you to were you can add pics. scroll down that page and it says "manage attachments" click on that and it opens a small window for you to attach the pics. if they are high res you need to use a site like picnik to resize to 1200 pixels. once you add them and click upload and they have uploaded you can exit the small screen and the pics will be attached. just click post reply and your update with pics will be complete :D
heres a pic of 1 of the babies sorry for quality its a cellphone pic... tell me what you think it needs

Cant tell 100% but it seems like a pretty health plant mate :aok:
to early to tell, but look ight. plus iv never really grown outdoors unless it was to play "Johnny weed seed" and randomly plant a clone or chuck some seeds in a field ;) good luck to you bro
Thank you all for you advise/opinion/critism.. i will be sure to post more (hopefully better quality) pics in a few weeks when my babies noticably progress

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