5th week of veg

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Jan 31, 2011
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Hi everyone. Here are my 2 plants I started germing on march 10th. One is white rhino and one something called TNT kush. both from nirvana. I just felt proud of them and wanted to share them with you guys.. I would invite in the nieghbors but theyd call jonny law on me. lol

4 13 2011 002.jpg
Very nice looking plants hero....have ya sexed them yet? I wld hate to think you are treating a male this nice....:D
Looks very nice..They showing the Love you are giveing them...And yes you are way safer comeing here and shareing with us..not the nieghbors...And I know how Bad you wanna share when ya have a great plant as you do..

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
They were femmed seeds which I know doesnt guarentee but now one has several lil sets of 2 pistals.. I THINK lol more will be revealed soon. Thanks everyone
Great plants! Very nice. It's hard to tell how big they are, though.
Almost a foot tall from the soil ,,bushy and the leaves seem be standing up. lol like the whole plant wants to close up wierd.. its especially like that when they are close to needing water.. The fan leaves all perk up and seem to be reaching to the sky. lol Thanks,
Looks good, what are you running for lights?
I have 8 CFLS from HTG supply they are growbright 35 watt 6500 k each 4 are under a metal reflector. This is my first grow so I wanted to see what I could do in a closet before sending away for a bunch of stuff only to possibly realize it might not be something I want to do.. Thanks Hero
First grow and you have things in hand:) Great to see.
Green Mojo for ya Hero. Use it wisely....
looking great i wouldnt of said that was a first grow if you ask me how long do you think ive been growing, defo something to be proud of nice job
peace fruity
Thanks again. lol I owe it to the strain I would have to say and good grow medium ffof and ofcourse all of you who are guiding me thru how to do this.
Carry the good vibes over to flower and you will be smoking your own Dank in no time....:D
Definite agreement on beeming the gals good vibes whenever in the grow room. Sing to them, chat, treat them as the godesses they hopefully will be, and they`ll pay you back in the best way possible...Your own grown dank bud.
Such a pleasure to smoke a plant you have grown yourself, gone throught thick and thin with, I feel very attatched to my gals as you can tell:)

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